DxFxKep Photography

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I am a young photographer wandering between east and west of France, studiying chemistry and who has been really interrested in photography for three years now.

Why do I take photographs ? To express myself, break myself free, give off all thoses feelings pulsating a little bit too hard inside of me.
It can occur through landscapes, lines, angles, instants but also more (in)human structures.

Think before you trigger the camera, think about tomorrow during the triggering, or just trigger.

Discover, discover again or make you travel by stories,
My story,
Or snatches of dreams.
That's what I wish to broadcast with my work.
It shall tell.
It shall relate.

Whatever you find my photos startling, scary, sweet, bitter, confusing, light, dreamy or bright, I just hope they won't let you indifferent.

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